Regenerative Medicine Courses,Level 2

Level 2: Italian office based, 2 days private course (maximum 15 participants)

It’s a 2 continuative days in the main clinical office (in Milano) for maximum 15 medical doctors.

The course includes practical demonstration of microfat and nanofat treatments with Goisis Systems. Ambulatory procedures for fat grafting indications and strategies for managing patients during their first visit and during follows up will be evaluated.There will be the possibility to do some part of the microfat and nanofat treatment using the closed microfat Goisis system.

Look at examples of level 2 course



What do i need to organize a level two course?

All the materials included in this list

In order to do treatments on patients the invited doctor has to be registred in Italy, it could be necessary to do a temporary registration at the Italian Ministry of Health.


FAQ about level two course

Is it possible for a foreign doctor to do practical treatment during the level 2 course?
Yes, it is under the supervision of dr Goisis. But it could be necessary to do a temporary registration




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